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As seen in The Moto Sport: The Triumph off-road ambassador won the Hard Trail category while riding the Tiger 900, adding up to 95.5% of the points available across the seven stages of the Raid 1000 Dunes in Morocco. He received 1390 out of a possible 1455 points, taking first place.

With the same Tiger 900 Rally Pro in which he won the Baja Aragón Trail category in July, Iván’s feat in this incredibly technical and challenging 1500km rally shows his determination and Tiger’s class-leading ability.

Adding to Tiger’s growing list of racing achievements, Aled Price and Vanessa Ruck also completed the 1000 Dunas aboard the standard Tiger 900 Rally Pro in the same hard trail category as Iván, making Vanessa the first female rider to complete the challenge in a series adventure bike. Triumph enthusiast and mechanic Josu Orozko joined the impressive list of achievements with third in the Trail category on his own 10-year-old Tiger 800 XC, which he personally prepared for this race.

The girl on a bike vanessa ruck 1000 dunas raid in morocco

The 1000 Dunas raid was designed to test the physical and psychological capabilities of each of the participating riders, pushing endurance, concentration and ability to navigate road-books in challenging terrain to the limit. Passing through some of the most spectacular terrain in North Africa, the 66 participants of the 2022 edition completed long stages through the heat and dust, reaching the Recam Plateau, the endless slopes of Bouarfa, and the great dunes of Erg de Merzouga.

Iván Cervantes: “It was an incredible adventure, 1500km, where the Tiger 900 Rally Pro behaved perfectly. We tackled every type of terrain we could imagine – gravel, sand, mud, rocks and river crossings – without having any problems, proving just how capable the Tiger 900 Rally Pro is. I would like to thank Triumph Spain for their constant support during the event which allowed me to focus on achieving the best possible result.”

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