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Moto Fichas: Triumph, for all in the 1000 Dunes

As seen in The Moto Fichas: Triumph is developing a range of cross and enduro bikes and any experience you can gain from off-road racing is invaluable. Hence its collaboration with the organization of the 1000 Dunes together with the equipment company Racered.

The 1000 Dunes Rally is one of the favorite events for fans as it is a race exclusively for motorcycles in which orientation prevails more than pure and simple speed, which provides a plus of safety. This means that more “amateur” riders with practically standard motorcycles approach it. It is not surprising, therefore, that it is one of the tests chosen by Triumph to continue its progression within the off-road world. And it is that the company of Hinckley is going to be present at the hands of Iván Cervantes, who will not only take part as a pilot but will also offer his support to the organization offering his knowledge to the rest of the participants in the race that begins on Saturday 22 October in Granada and ending seven days later in Merzouga, Morocco, after traveling 3,000 km.

The girl on a bike vanessa ruck Tiger 900 Rally Pro

Cervantes already performed that role of “coach” during the development of the Triumph 1000 Dunas Scholarships , giving all kinds of support on driving, navigation and mental preparation to the participants. A job that he carried out together with another great Dakar professional, Miguel Puertas, Sports Director of the event, rally co-driver and former motorcycle driver with extensive experience in raids.

In addition to gaining experience in off-road competitions, Triumph also intends to show that with a practically standard trail bike, tests of this magnitude can be faced. Only minimal preparation is required for navigation elements and those essential to increase safety. In fact, the bike chosen by Cervantes is a Tiger 900 Rally Pro , the same one with which he already participated in the Baja Aragón , which has barely received a slight tuning of the suspensions and the mounting of mousses to avoid punctures. Moreover, the winner of the Triumph 1000 Dunas Scholarships, Josu Orozko, will do so at the controls of a 2012 Tiger 800 XCwhose tower for navigation devices has been developed by himself. Also curious is the case of the English driver Vanessa Ruck, who will take part in the race with a fully stock Tiger 900 Rally Pro and with which she has traveled to Granada from England.

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