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Monmouthshire Beacon: Girl on a Bike enjoys herself tremendously while doubling her wheels

As seen in Monmouthshire Beacon: Girl on a Bike, also known as Vanessa Ruck, a well-known social media influencer from Monmouthshire, has been encouraged to switch from two to four wheels and compete in a UK rally series using a Bowler Defender 110 4×4.

Vanessa received the offer over the phone and was surprised that the caller assumed she could drive a 4×4. They stated that if she can rally a motorcycle in the desert and do her own robot navigation, not getting lost and surviving all of the off-road terrain, then she surely has the aptitude to drive a 4×4. In her latest video, Vanessa shared her experience of getting into a 4×4 for the first time.

Her project with Bowler, a leading manufacturer of rally and off-road cars, will involve her competing in a UK rally series. But before she can do that, she had to get familiar with all things 4×4 and off-road.

That’s why she visited the Land Rover Experience Center, where she had the opportunity to drive a standard base model Defender 110.

Whilst Vanessa is used to being on a motorcycle, she found a substantial similarity in excitement, adventure, and drive when it comes to 4x4s.

She hopes that her journey will be something that her viewers on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube will enjoy.

She moves from the Defender 110 on to the next step of driving a Bowler rally car, which has been tuned out and customized specifically for rally racing.

The girl on a bike vanessa ruck monmouthshirebeacon

Vanessa embarks on various training exercises, including driving through an obstacle course, which involves maneuvering the car through tight spaces and over uneven terrain.

Vanessa notes that the Defender has so much technology to effectively make it the safest vehicle possible to get through the terrain. But she also learns how to turn off certain settings to better understand the car’s capability.

There is a lot of technology under the hood that is doing a huge amount of work for Vanessa. She also learns that the Defender has a lot of technology to make it a safer vehicle. The car has been designed to make it easy for drivers to navigate through tough terrain, with features like Hill Descent Control, which maintains a set speed while driving down steep hills.

Vanessa has taken a thrilling ride in the Bowler rally car, which has been customized to be even more powerful and faster than the standard Defender. She said that the feeling of teetering over the top with two wheels on the ground momentarily is “insane”, but she also marvels at what the car is capable of. The Defender’s low centre of gravity helps it stick to the road even though the driver is high up.

The latest Land Rover Defender has quite the task ahead of it. It’s not just about tackling the toughest terrains, but also about replacing its beloved predecessor, a vehicle that was adored for its toughness, yet difficult to justify as an everyday car.

monmouthshirebeacon motorcycle

The Defender 110 had to be just as capable off-road as the old one, while also paying homage to its heritage. This is why it sports a rugged look that is instantly recognizable as a Defender.

But the real question is whether the new Defender can live up to its predecessor’s reputation as a workhorse. If it’s too comfortable and refined, will it lose its appeal to those who rely on it for rescue services and utilities? On the other hand, if it’s too rough and unrefined, it might be difficult to justify as an everyday car.

Land Rover has a lot riding on the Defender, but with its reputation for producing robust vehicles, many are confident it can deliver. Vanessa will be facing a number of challenges ahead to seem if the Defender can match the hype.

For the rest of the Monmouthshire Beacon article see here.

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