Solo female Atlantic rower – Emma Wolstenholme

Who’s that bad ass blonde I hear you ask? I’d like to introduce Emma Wolstenholme – my best friend and the most capable female I know. But why?

Emma is gearing up to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean on a mission to raise money for the Royal Air Force Air Cadets while beating the Guinness World Records for a female solo cross Atlantic row.

Yes you read that right! Solo…Atlantic…and row!

emma wolstenholme atlantic solo row air cadets 1
emma wolstenholme atlantic solo row air cadets 1

She’s on a mission to show that anything is possible when you put your mind to it and given my history with the accident I 100% align to her kick ass energy.

If you want to support Emma with her adventure please do head to her JustGiving page – if you’re a fan of aviation, action and adventure, love sports and getting to know people then you’d absolutely love the Air Cadets and what they do [100% of donations go to them].

Her goal is to raise £80k to celebrate the 80th Anniversary for Air Cadets. If you can spare the change in your pocket or something more it would mean the world to me. And I hope you know that I do not make a habit to ask for money, this really is something from my heart and Emma is a total bad ass who’s going to make this happen!

Stay tuned as Emma is going to be taking me rowing too… #thegirlonaboat anyone?

If you think I’m a little crazy you should follow Emma – Atlantic Roar

Please donate here to support Emma the female Atlantic rower:…

Current big sponsors: Lockheed Martin

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