Coming Out Of Lockdown: Get Your Health Back On Track

Lockdown is and has been a really strange time for the world. Something so unprecedented. For many keeping on top of their health has been a challenge. If you are wondering how to sort out your health after lockdown here are some things to consider.

Get the medicine you need

It might sound obvious but with lockdown access to the medical resources we need has been hard. Often seeing things we would usually seek help for just left to run its course. It’s possible that you rely on medicine to keep your health in check too. A lot of people have struggled to get the medicine that they needed. If you went without meds for weeks or even months, then you are certainly not alone. Now, it’s important to stock up in case there is a second wave and a new lockdown begins. You can find that there is a range of different medications available through online pharmacies. For example, here, you will be able to easily access the meds you need. 

Hit The Gym

A lot of us will have put off physical activity because the gyms have been closed for a couple of months now. But, now that we are coming out of lockdown, it’s time to get back into the swing of things, including heading out to the gym. Because you’ve been away for a little while, you might find that you are not capable of doing the same amount that you used to, but that’s okay, take it easy. You can always build it back up just like you did before. As long as you are showing up and dedicating yourself to reaching the goals you’re setting, that’s all that matters.

If you’re worried about covid-19 and gym spaces maybe consider a Praep ProPilot for home fitness. This is what I’ve used though lockdown and I’m so impressed how well my bike fitness has been maintained. Discount for Praep here.

lock-down health
Get moto fit without the gym a

Goal setting

Setting goals when you’re heading to the gym or trying to get back to peak fitness is important. It gives you direction and helps you to keep control of your health as a whole. Know your limits, know when they can be pushed and know when your body is telling you to slow down. Just because you’re getting back to the gym now, doesn’t mean you have to harm yourself trying to get back into a routine. Slow and steady will get you there without harm.

Maybe try to find an event or race, cool route you could ride or something to focus on to help motivate you forwards. I’ve set my goals on Bronze at Romaniacs for 2021! Entry complete! Yikes

Fix your schedule 

You might also need to think about fixing your schedule, setting yourself up to best utilise your time. According to experts, the typical daily schedule was one of the first things to fly out the window during the lockdown. This can have severe adverse consequences on your health. If you are waking up later, you’ll be going to sleep later too. You could ultimately throw off your sleeping pattern completely or develop issues with insomnia

So, how do you get your pattern back on the right track? I suggest that you do think about setting a list of things to do through the day. I love lists! Keep your mind and your body busy so that you are tired when night begins to fall. No this and you will snap back into your typical routine quite quickly. 

Sort Out Your Diet

You are what you eat remember! Staying inside all the time can be harmful to your mental health, and this can take a toll on the way that we eat. However, now that you have more control over where you go and what you do, it’s important to sort your diet out. Things are slowly returning to some kind of normal, and your diet should be a part of this. No more processed foods except on occasion. Fill your fridge with fruits and vegetables, proteins and everything else that your body needs to work effectively. There is always room to indulge a little every now and then, but for the most part, you want to get back into eating a balanced diet.

Something I swear by in my diet is U Perform Active Collagen. It’s been a game changer for my strengthening, recovery and reduction in achy pains. More details on why I take Active Collagen here, plus a discount link here.

This might be a lot easier than you think because eating healthy can be delicious. In the beginning, just add a vegetable to your meal. Carrots, broccoli, cabbage and other vegetables like this go with practically every meal so there is always room to fit a vegetable in. If you know that now you aren’t going to have a lot of time for cooking, then it’s time to look into meal prepping. This way, you have healthy meals to eat, without having to slave over the cooker every single day.


You might find that during lockdown both the stress and tension have been building to tremendous levels. That’s understandable because ultimately human beings are sociable creatures. We need to socialise to survive and once you take away our ability to do this, there are going to be negative impacts on both our mental and our physical health. You might find that you are more agitated lately or that you struggle to solve issues that you encounter in your life. Do this sound familiar? If that’s the case then you need to make sure that you are taking the time to de-stress

How you do this will differ depending on who you are and your unique personality. Some people will just need to sit down with a good book. Others should perhaps try things like meditation. Meditation can be beneficial because it provides clarity and can help you understand the issues that you are facing right now. 

OR get out on your bike! Motorcycles are proven to help unwind and process life’s stresses! get riding!

lock-down mental health
Riding to free the mind

After all this, I just want you to be looking after yourself. Find what feels good for you!

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