5 Ways Cyclist Can Protect Their Skin

Just like any other sports enthusiast, cyclists strive to be out in the wild, enjoying their riveting sport, and being engaged in numerous adventures. Being constantly in the open air comes with its advantages and disadvantages, from succumbing to harsh wind, to being exposed to negative UV rays. And for the cyclist, the heaviest burden carries the skin. Each and every cyclist should do everything in their power to meticulously protect their skin so they could maximally get immersed in all the great opportunities cycling offers. Here are some of the nifty ways how cyclists can adequately protect their skin.

 5 Ways Cyclist Can Protect Their Skin
5 Ways Cyclist Can Protect Their Skin
  1. Apply a proper sunscreen

Before you step out of the house, you should have applied adequate sunscreen at least 15 minutes before. There cannot be enough stress on the importance of sun protection for the skin, especially when you go cycling. Most cyclists wear helmets and some even protective sunglasses, but that won’t protect your skin sufficiently from the harmful sun rays. To maximally protect your skin, aim to apply an SPF 30 sunscreen on your face, but don’t neglect your arms, hands, and even legs. 

  1. Implement a regular skincare routine

Dust, dirt, debris, and other nasty outdoor factors can leave long-lasting consequences on your skin. Add sweat when cycling, and your skin will very fast become dry, oily, and unhealthy. To avoid that from happening, you should regularly cleanse your face. By using a natural face wash and cleanser you will be able to perfectly wash away the dirt that had piled up after cycling in the rough terrain. Not only that but with the daily cleansing routine, you help your skin combat any impurities, bacteria, and pollutants, leaving your skin healthy and glowing. I love Proto-col.

  1. Combat windburn with an adequate crème

Some cyclists tend to cycle more during hot and sunny weather, whereas there are those who also like to cycle in severe weather conditions. For active cyclists, it’s equally vital to wear protection against the wind as it is for the sun. When you go cycling in low temperatures, the lack of humidity in combination with strong wind weakens the skin’s top layer and damages its elasticity and softness. Hence, it’s pivotal to apply a quality windburn crème that will protect your skin while you cycle in difficult weather.

  1. Cover up wisely

Even though our face is more exposed to harmful weather conditions when we cycle, you must bear in mind that arms, hands, and legs are equally vulnerable. Applying sunscreen all over your body is a good first step, but if you are going on a long cycling expedition you should cover your legs and arms. In summer, wear lightweight cotton clothes, try active underwear or cycling leg or sleeves cover, and in winter, stay warm by layering wisely. To upscale the delicate facial skin protection during any season wear a buff or balaclava under your helmet. 

  1. Be mindful of your “ride time”

As it’s impossible to reschedule or alter the times of your race or some other organized events, you still have the elemental ability to control the hours your train. First of all, don’t go cycling when the sun is at its peak, so avoid cycling between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. The sun intensity during those hours is utterly high and the skin will take up the worst burden. Next, do your best to train either early in the morning or the evening when the air is light, the UV light mild, and when there won’t be many consequences to your skin.

Soothe your skin when you go cycling both in cold and hot weather by wearing adequate protection and following the above-mentioned tips.  

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