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Enduro News: Girl On A Bike Completes Epic One Thousand Dunas Challenge In Morocco

As seen in The enduronews: Vanessa Ruck, has to turn out to be the primary lady to complete the one thousand DUNES RAID using on a popular journey manufacturing bike

Vanessa battled through the 1,800km cross country rally raid on Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro

British motorcycle rider, racer and adventurer, Vanessa Ruck, 36, has completed the 1000 DUNAS RAID in Spain, making her the first female to ever finish on a standard production adventure bike. Vanessa – also known as ‘The Girl on a Bike’ – took on the challenge riding a Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro motorcycle, between Granada, Spain and Morocco after only taking up riding motorcycles seven years ago.

Adding to the Tiger’s growing roster of racing achievements, Triumph’s off-road ambassador, Iván Cervantes, won the won the Hard Trail category on his specialised Tiger 900, with 1390 out of 1455 total points., while Triumph enthusiast and mechanic Josu Orozko, gained 3rd position in the Trail category on his own MY12 Tiger 800 XC. British Clubman Enduro Champion, Aled Price, also completed the Hard Trail with Vanessa Ruck on his standard Tiger 900 Rally Pro.

The girl on a bike vanessa ruck Merzouga dunes
The girl on a bike vanessa ruck triumph 1000 dunas

The 1,800km cross-country rally raid took Vanessa seven days to complete, showcasing her determination and the Tiger’s class leading capability, with over 70 hours of riding across unpredictable terrain, including loose rocks, ruts, riverbeds, and sand dunes. Using both mechanical and riding skills, Vanessa had to do her own daily servicing on the bike, from chains and tyre changes to bolt checks and daily filters. But perhaps the most challenging of all was the size of the bike, which at 201kg, was more than three times Vanessa’s body weight. In tough conditions, this made control of the bike and picking it up from inevitable drops on soft sand, extremely difficult.

Ms. Ruck commented: “The 1000 DUNAS was harder than expected, and I ultimately ended up riding for survival. It took every strength in my mind and body to reach the end, and it feels like an incredible achievement to be able to push both myself and the bike to its limits. The fact that I would jump on another Tiger 900 Rally Pro tomorrow says it all – I have a great love for the bike.”

Vanessa found her love for motorbikes seven years ago while recovering from a cycling accident. After a lengthy recovery involving five hip and two shoulder surgeries, she found new adventures on a motorcycle, and never looked back. Having no previous rally experience, Vanessa took on the Qatar International Baja, Rallye du Maroc and then became the first woman to have ever competed in the Tunisia Desert Challenge and has competed in numerous rallies since, including the notorious Red Bull Romaniacs and Dinaric Rally. She has since made it her mission to break barriers and expectations, whether through upskilling her knowledge of motorcycle mechanics or mastering unforgiving terrain.

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