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DirtFish: DirtFish Is All Set For A Summit Saturday

As seen in The DirtFish: Saturday is the third annual DirtFish Women in Motorsport Summit and it is, by some distance, the biggest and the best we’ve ever prepared.

Four-time world rally winner and founding president of the FIA’s Women and Motor Sport Commission Michèle Mouton has been at the very heart of DirtFish’s Women’s Month since it began in 2022. Michèle guest edited the website two years ago and flew out to the Summit last year.

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She’s back at DirtFish on Saturday. Here’s Michèle’s thinking on why she’s returning to the Pacific Northwest to join us: “You know, last year at DirtFish, it was one of the first times that I really thought about what I achieved in 40 years and how this could help other women. Going to the Summit and meeting those people, they really showed me that I was being a role model, I was inspiring them and that’s why I am happy to be back.”

Newly announced FIA WRC Commission president and multiple world champion team principal (as well as former Rally Finland podium finisher in a Group N car) Pernilla Solberg is another returnee – and this time we will ask her about the time she flew a rally car 68 meters over a jump on a rally in Germany!

Becs Williams is a friend and colleague to both Mouton and Solberg – it’s been both her job and her passion to talk about these iconic drivers. And on Saturday, she’s going to talk to the Summit about her time behind the mic.

The stage is set, the stories are coming.

It doesn’t stop there. We’re not all about the stage. We’re all about motorsport.

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Vanessa Ruck has just finished fourth in a season of rallying in the Defender Rally Series in the UK, but she’s not known as the girl on a bike for nothing – last month she completed the 13-day, near 4,000-mile Africa Eco Race on her KTM. She’s the very definition of hardcore, badass. But her story is put into even more context when you consider the accident she had not long ago. Vanessa’s person story is incredible.

The team here at DirtFish is just incredible,” said Rimmer. “Honestly, it’s easy to sit here and say we couldn’t have done it without them, but truly, this wouldn’t be happening without the incredible commitment and determination that comes from everybody. I can’t thank them enough.

“Saturday is the culmimation of months’ of hard work from so many people. It’s going to be amazing. We’ve got everything planned for you, from those amazing panelists to awesome vendors, the best food and coffee in all of Seattle – and that’s saying something! The music’s sorted with DK Mixxtress and, of course, thrill rides right here at the world’s best Rally School.

“Come and join us.”

For the rest of The DirtFish article see here.

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