Custom Fit Guards discount code – 10% off

Custom Fit Guards discount code – 10% off

The Custom Fit Guards discount code hearing protection is a must have accessory for motorcycle riding

As a rider our ears are often neglected in our protection. We use chainsaws with hearing protection etc, but on the bike many neglect their hearing. I’ve been riding with custom molded ear protection for years now. It’s comfortable, fits under my helmets and with inbuilt filters, I can hear everything I need. The filters work to protect your hearing from the damaging sounds, such as wind noise which can seriously fatigue the hearing. I’m a big fan or custom Fit Guards, hence offering a Custom Fit Guards discount code to others looking to save their hearing for the future.

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More about Custom fit Guards

CUSTOM FIT GUARDS are one of the leaders in development and manufacturing of custom fitted hearing protection, ear plugs and in ear monitors. The company prides itself on manufacturing unique products and aiming to please every customer with great service and adaptable items. Time to join TeamCFG.

Mini review

One of the really cool features that is unique to the CF Auto V2, is that it gives the rider the option to choose whether they want the noise lessened or blocked out completely. The design team at CFG have craftily combined 2 of their most popular plugs, the CF Auto (lets in minimal sound in by utilising a filter) and the CF Block (blocks around 30db as CFGs most protective plug) into one product, giving the rider choice with their protection level. Having the filter uncovered is perfect for road riding so you can still be aware of traffic sounds and having the filter covered is ideal for track since you’re usually sitting at eye watering RPM whilst giving it the berries.

Comfort wise, as a custom molded option, they fit my ear lugs perfectly. The material they are made of is surprisingly soft adding to comfort. After initially putting my lid on, you’ll find you quickly forget their there in after a few minutes of riding as they don’t dig in anywhere.

The manufacturing processes uses soft medical grade silicone enabling the ear plugs to be very comfortable and be a perfect match of your ear impressions. Each earpiece is individually moulded to your ear which gives a much more comfortable fit compared to off the shelf products you can pick up on a budget.

If you are looking to invest in yourself and save some money in the process, you can use my Custom fit Guards discount code: “GIRLONABIKE” in the discount box!

You can also see this Custom fit Guards discount code over on WeThrift.

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