Moto distancing with covid-19

Let’s sit this one out. Yes…the bike is calling you. Mine is too. But the world needs to come together and fight this battle!

As I write this over 35k people have been reported dead from covid-19. This is no drill, this is not a game or something that doesn’t apply to you. We must stop the spread so please listen and heed your governments’ directions on going out. Moto distancing responsibly means stay home.

In the UK it’s full lock down. No going out unless you’re an essential worker, such as our incredible NHS teams, police or those helping keep the nation going [such as energy, food, infrastructures], or for essential food and medicines, or helping the vulnerable.

It is hard being home.

It can be lonely, boring, isolating and claustrophobic. But there are lots of things we can be doing to help ourselves. Here’s some of my ideas:

  • Make a list of things you can achieve – that might be baking that new recipe, painting the bathroom, fixing that niggle on your bike or writing that article
  • Build a new routine, keep your alarm set and have a plan [mine goes off at 6am to kick start the day]. Even just changing rooms in the house can help give a new perspective
  • Use technology to keep connected – video apps and social media are great for socialising
  • Rekindle those drifted friendships, I bet they’re feeling as in need of a chat as you are
  • Find some online videos for a home workout [try my sock balance challenge on YouTube]
  • Plan your food so you don’t let any go to waste, spreading the favourites out
  • Do at least one thing a day to expand your mind [TED talks, online tutorials]
  • Watch the news, but don’t overload – this level of death and suffering is too much for an individual to know all about all day long
  • Find ways to reward yourself, maybe that bag of popcorn or chocolate when you’ve hit your goals [I don’t eat sugar so a pickled onion is one of my favs #truestory]
  • Keep a pen and pad with you and make a note of things you’re grateful for when they hit you, this list will bring a lot of smiles over time and great for reflection later
  • Make sure you turn on notifications for my page and hit subscribe on my YouTube – I’ll help keep you entertained with my daily shenanigans [yes that includes terrible attempts at kicking loo roll…see post below]

Above all, stay home, stay safe and save lives.

If you have any other ideas please, please comment below or get in touch via social media! Together, united we WILL get through this!

My thoughts are with everyone impacted by covid-19

For the latest information on covid-19 please see the NHS wesbsite:

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