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Andar de Moto: 1000 Dunas 2022 ends after 7 intense days

As seen in The Andarde Moto: During the 7 days of testing, the pilots had the opportunity to experience the desert in its “pure and hard” state, traveling through unique places in the Merzouga dunes.

The Elite, Pro and Adventure categories covered a total of 2500 km throughout the race, while the Hard Trail, Trail and Classic categories covered 1500 km, all with the help of highly technical “Roadbooks”.

Despite the fatigue and difficulties that the pilots suffered, what stood out in the 1000 Dunas was the companionship between all the participants, a positive consequence of this not being a race focused on speed, but on the orientation that led the participants to help each other without being worried. with the time it would take to complete the stage.

The girl on a bike vanessa ruck Merzouga dunes

The 1000 Dunas managed to test the physical and psychological conditions of all 66 participants, through extensive stages that ranged from 150 to 400 km, depending on the category. The objective of these long stages was to make each rider aware of their limits and which resulted in the abandonment of some due to technical problems, extreme fatigue, heat or dust. Even so, many of these abandonments were present again in the remaining stages.

The race leaders team, led by Iván Cervantes, managed to help many inexperienced riders through small briefings held before each stage where tips were given to overcome more difficult places.

Participants were very happy to have completed the 1000 Dunas 2022, where they were able to overcome their personal limits and always learn something new during the 7 stages.

The athlete, Vanessa Ruck, was the first woman to complete the 1000 Dunas on a standard Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro. Aled Price and Josu Orozko also finished the race riding a Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro and Triumph Tiger 800 CX, respectively, which once again reinforces Triumph’s value in these off-road endurance events.

According to the organization, the equipment that Racered provided to the pilots for the 1000 Dunas overcame the extreme conditions to which they were subjected during all stages.

The group of participants arrived in Granada, southern Spain, on the 30th of October, officially putting an end to this 2022 edition of 1000 Dunas.

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